The Pomade

So much to say about this product. First you’ll notice that the price of the product is not important. Why? Because its a limited time only pomade. Unless it goes on as a permanent product, the price is un important. First you’ll notice the logo. Yes, this is the animated face and hair of “The Pomp”. To the sides, it has the “Pomps Not Dead” and “O’Doud’s ” logos. Because of the fact that there are 3 different parties involved in making this pomade, it seems fitting to just call it “The Pomade”. The logo is clean and the jar is a cool little glass jar with a tin lid. Now, enough about the jar and the logo, lets get down to the good stuff.


hair pomade


Open the jar and your hit with an amazing smell. I used to think Suavecito was the best smelling pomade, but this is my favorite scent so far! It’s supposed t be a cedar smell, but it also smells like a clean aftershave. The pomade is a bit hard to start scooping at first but, it gets easier as you go. The label on the jar says to apply dry or on damp hair. I tried both, dry is the best. Because of all the oils and the beeswax, its really weird to apply it wet. The hold is really good. It lasts all day. I had a 16 hour work day on iPhone launch day, and it held out the whole day.



Styling is easy and fast. I think the shine is perfect. It is a medium shine, but compared to other pomades that are medium shine, this one is a little shinier. Washing out The Pomade is relatively easy. All I used is a comb and shampoo and it pretty much all comes out. This product is almost perfect as an oil based. I’m sad that it was a limited time only product. So, why Is it almost perfect? Because it’s great in all aspects, except one. Effect on your hair. Now, if you have thick, curly or wavy hair, you can stop reading now because this wont apply to you but, if you have thin hair like mine, pay attention. This pomade will make thin hair fall out when applying and removing more than normal. Hair falling out when applying and removing pomade is normal. No big deal. This pomade though, will make more fall out. Instead of having just a few strands fall out, I’m talking like 6-10 strands falling out as you apply it and another 6-10 when you’re in the shower trying to take it out of your hair. Besides that, this pomade is amazing. I used about half of it (big mistake) and now, plan on only using it for special occasions. I love everything about this pomade.